The Whole Darn Family

The Jarmels are an American doo wop/rhythm and blues group officially formed in 1959 in Richmond, Virginia. They were composed of Nathaniel Ruff (1939 – 1990s), Paul Burnett (1946 – March 23, 2001), Ray Smith (born 1941), Earl Christian (1940 – 1960s), and Tom Eldridge (1941 – June 19, 2000). They are best known for their only hit single, “A Little Bit of Soap”.

Smith, the last surviving original member, continued to tour as of January 2011 with four new members as the Jarmels. Included is his longtime Richmond friend,Tyrone Thomas, who in 1975 founded the funkadelic band Tyrone Thomas and the Whole Darn Family, which in 1976 charted with “7 Minutes of Funk”.


The Whole Darn Family Has Arrived

The Whole Darn Family Has Arrived